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Fly Guys

Whether advertising for trade shows, grand openings, sale events, or new products, Air Dancers are the perfect promotional tools that capture a variety of audiences with their eye-catching movements, while building instant brand or product awareness. A great form of outdoor advertising, all of our Air Dancers can be customized with company logos and art work to suit your preferences and needs. Choose from a wide array of our inflatable Fly Guys, Tube Dudes, Sky Ticklers, Arrow Dudes, Air Flames, Logo Dudes and our selection of active inflatable characters. Not sure what type or size would be suitable for your event? Our promotional advertising department works with you to help determine the best choice for your target audience.

These animated figures combine dance-like movements and rhythms for special effects and hours of entertainment. Fly Guys eject vertically into the air in only four seconds, remaining in long-lasting motion for many hours.

The perfect way to draw attention of nearby traffic and create a whimsical impression. Sky Ticklers are inflated from the vertitube type base with many protruding multi- colored tentacles dancing freely and separately on top, creating a memorable image with your logo or product name.

The basic function of these inflatables is to surprise, impress, and attract the public with their single bending motion. Use them for instant attention.

Increase your walk in business with these inflatable dudes that combine the effectiveness of a fan powered air dancer with a practical directional arrow. They sway above the arrow making it the perfect inflatable for sidewalk advertisements.

Similar to our Arrow Dudes, Logo Dudes are perfect for sidewalk advertisements but are customized with a company logo or product name to create more revenue.

Ideal for day and evening events, Air Flames and Tubies come in a variety of colors and sizes to add elegance and simple décor to any event. With a wrinkled affect Air Flames are perfect for capturing attention for any promotion.