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Inflatable Slides

These commercial-grade inflatable slides are ideal for inflatable rental companies, amusement parts, and other businesses that specialize in giving kids and adults the time of their lives. Perfect for use as party slides, waterslides, dry slides, slip and slides, and more, our inflatable slides are the best on the market in quality, design, and pricing. Take a look below at our wide selection of original inflatable slides for sale. No matter what your industry or niche, Inflatable 2000 has a slide for you.


All Commercial Inflatable Slides for Sale


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  1. Criss Cross Slide

    Criss Cross Slide


    X marks the spot. No, you won't find treasure on this wild and wacky adventure but your guaranteed to find fun! Start on one side and end out on the other as you race your friends down this two lane 16' slide that criss-crosses in the middle. Bank down the turns and slide at high speeds to the waiting splash landing below. Learn More
  2. Double Lane Surf N Slide Inflatable Water Slide with Pool

    Double Lane Surf N Slide with Pool


    The Surf N Slide is a new twist on an old favorite. This double lane Surf N Slide comes in a refreshing water blue color, has a fully netted wall at the end of the slide area to keep riders safely contained for maximum safety, and has 32' of slick sliding. Learn More
  3. Jump & Slide

    Jump & Slide


    Choose your own climbing, jumping and sliding adventure. The triple fun Slide N’ Jump inflatable amusement game features three activities (climbing, jumping and sliding!), two super-soft landing zones and one guaranteed good time for all. This large blue and green inflatable amusement is similar to our Shock Wave game but with smaller footprint. Jump N’ Sliders start by climbing the blue stairs to the first platform. Once there, they can choose to jump into the first green air bag ump zone below or climb even higher! If they choose to climb one more set of stairs to the top platform, they can then slide down a massive blue slide into a second green Zero Shock zone. Our air bag system is a soft as jumping into water. Which climbing, jumping and sliding adventure will you choose? Learn More
  4. Log Jammer Inflatable Water Slide Profile

    Log Jammer


    Climb the rugged terrain of logs, boulders and trees as you go for the ride of your life on the Log Jammer! At 31_ tall, this slide can be used wet or dry, has a netted jumping area beneath the giant slide and will accommodate kids as well as adults. Learn More
  5. Log Jammer EXTREME Inflatable Water Slide - Side

    Log Jammer Extreme


    The Log Jammer Extreme Water Slide is a much larger version of the Log Jammer Slide and includes a Surf 'N' Slide water landing. Climb 20' of rugged terrain including logs, boulders and trees. At the top of your hike you are faced with almost 50' of an exhilarating water slide! Beneath this massive water slide is an enclosed jumping area. Two attractions for the price of one! What better way to keep kids and adults entertained on a hot summer day than a cool, refreshing water slide and a day of jumping? Learn More
  6. SkySlide Inflatable Slide



    The Biggest Inflatable Water Slide in the World!

    Introducing the world’s tallest inflatable slide! SkySlide is sure to take the industry by storm with a combination of the most innovative technology, highest safety standards and breakthrough design for a ride never before experienced in an inflatable unit. Measuring just over five stories tall, SkySlide® is the biggest inflatable waters slide in the world, combining two heart-pounding rides in one unit to appease everyone’s inner adrenaline junkie. With a 30-foot vertical drop on one side and the insanely fast VertiGo Super Slide on the other, both finishing off with a “kicker” that launches the rider into the air before softly landing onto the Inflatable Impact Attenuation System “IIAS”, this beast will not disappoint even the biggest thrill-seeker. Safety is a priority and the proof is in the design. After years of perfecting, Inflatable 2000® is now incorporating Inflatable Impact Attenuation System “IIAS” into its units. Originally created for Hollywood stunts and trapeze artists, this revolutionary system delivers less impact at greater heights and speeds allowing designers to go beyond backyard bouncy castles and enter into a world of true exhilaration. Removable SureTread stairs are made of impervious ABS plastic to withstand thousands of trampling feet before showing wear. Gone are the days of slippery foam stairs that degrade quickly. Although the magnitude of this enormous inflatables water slide may seem intimidating, the addition of several new technologies ensures effortless set-up and tear-down. The Cylindrovator base design inflates and deflates the unit in less than thirty minutes with the use of constant air blowers, to keep the party going, the EZ Drain system® redirects pooled water for fast, easy draining.

    Learn More
  7. Splash Island Inflatable Water Park

    Splash Island


    Your own backyard Splash Island! Our Inflatable Splash Island is constructed for years of fun, enjoyed by kids 3-12. Watch their eyes light up as they climb, slide, splash and shoot hoops! Simply hook up to your soaker hose and you've created a cascade of water that makes this slide double fun! Learn More
  8. Tahiti Island Kids' Inflatable Water Slide

    Tahiti Island


    Looking for Summer Fun? Tahiti Island is the place... just add water! Children 2-10 will enjoy this mini tropical island of fun as they Climb, Slide and Splash around for hours of fun. Learn More
  9. The Slingshot

    The Slingshot


    Single lane slide measures over three stories tall and features a heart-pounding thrill ride that will appease everyone’s inner adrenaline junkie. Slide down the super steep slide and get launched through the air before landing onto the super-soft Zero Shock landing bag. Can be used wet or dry. This beast will bring smiles, laughter and sheer FUN to you and your clients guaranteed! Comes complete with soaker hose system, drain system, blowers and 6 slide mats with friction-resistant matting stitched to the bottom. Learn More
  10. The Slingshot Double Lane

    The Slingshot Double Lane


    The little brother to the SkySlide (the world’ tallest inflatable water slide) The Slingshot Double Lane slide measures over three stories tall and features TWO heart-pounding slide lanes that will appease everyone’s inner adrenaline junkie. Race your buddies down the super steep slide and get launched through the air before landing onto the super-soft Zero Shock landing bag. Can be used wet or dry. This beast will bring smiles, laughter and shaeer FUN to you and your clients guaranteed! Comes complete with soaker hose system, drain system, blowers and 10 slide mats. Learn More
  11. Triple Lindy Inflatable Slide

    Triple Lindy


    Triple the slides means triple the fun. The Triple Lindy Slide is three huge colorful slides in one. This huge triple slide is great for large events and keeps guests happy because there’s no waiting. Let your guests race down the three colorful side-by-side. Who will win: yellow, blue or pink? Then they can climb back up the green ladder with red, yellow and blue steps. This bright and cheerful slide is 26 feet high and 17 feet wide. Triple Lindy is a DRY slide, unless sold with the Surf N Slide! Learn More
  12. Triple Lindy with Surf N Slide Inflatable Water Slide Side 2

    Triple Lindy with Surf N Slide


    Get ready for a super splash or three! Have triple the slippin' 'n' slidin' party fun with the Triple Lindy Surf N Slide. This extra-long wet and wild water slide and pool attachment works perfectly with the Triple Lindy slide. Just remove the dry bumper and attach the Surf N Slide. Now you've got a huge triple water slide plus an extra long surf zone through three colorful arches ending in a large splash pool. Learn More
  13. Tropic Thunder (27') Wet/Dry Slide

    Tropic Thunder (27') Wet/Dry Slide


    Tropic Thunder is the perfect summer inflatable for kids and adults who want one of the longest slide rides on the market! Dual slides can be used wet OR dry. Learn More
  14. Tropical Splash Slide

    Tropical Splash Slide


    Race your buddies down this dual lane tropical themed slide and get launched through the air before landing onto the super-soft AirPad. Can be used wet or dry. Learn More


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Inflatable slides and water slides are and have been one of the most popular attractions in backyards across the nation. Why not explore the option of adding a one of a kind jumbo water slide that will have the neighborhood gasping, the children ecstatic and all in anticipation of your next event? Inflatable 2000 is one of the leading inflatable slide manufacturers on the market today. Most of our inflatable water slides can be used wet or dry depending on the conditions on the day of your event. Kids are sure to enjoy themselves and stay occupied while the adults have plenty of time to mingle and network with the other guests or business associates at your next backyard party, corporate event, carnival or fair.

We offer inflatable slides of all sizes, designs and colors with some of the most competitive prices in the industry. We are your premier source for everything Inflatable while shopping online for inflatable backyard slides or inflatable water slides while also offering a plethora of popular interactive inflatable games and activities. While the name indicates fun for the kids, we believe adults will love our slides as well.

Many inflatable slide manufacturers in places like China or Malaysia will boast well sell cheap products to people who think they're getting a good deal, but don't be fooled. Inflatable slides are like anything else, and cutting corners leads to regrets down the road. We promise to provide only the best quality commercial inflatables, at the best prices. Let us guide you through the popular choices of our customers while providing advice and premier customer service during your purchase of inflatable water slides and backyard slides online at Inflatable2000.com. Whether you're an established party rental company looking to expand inventory or a newcomer to the game, we've got something for everyone.

Popular Uses for Our Inflatable Slides

Inflatable 2000 is the Best for Adult Water Slides

When you think of inflatable water slides, you probably imagine kids having the time of their lives at a backyard party or water park. But with Inflatable 2000, grown-ups can get in on the action too! Out giant inflatable water slides are great for adults as well as kids, at parties and any other outdoor event. If you want to beat the heat with a slip and slide down one of our amazing commercial inflatables, or stock the best products for your inflatable rental or amusement business, you’re in the right place!

Other Popular Uses:
  • Party Rentals
  • Amusement Park Attractions
  • Corporate Events
  • Public Fairs or Block Parties
  • And More!

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