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Rugged Warrior Challenge 180 Degree


Rugged Warrior Challenge 180 Degree

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Rugged Warrior Challenge 180 Degree
Long on courage, but short on space? The units can be connected via the 180 connector to create a U-shaped course which drastically reduces your overall length if space is tight.

Inflatable. Modular. Extreme. This is no ordinary inflatable obstacle course; this is the Rugged Warrior Challenge! Design your own extreme obstacle course challenge by combining as many of the seven modular units as you like, in any configuration you want, to create your very own Rugged Warrior Challenge. Make it easy, make it difficult, change it up any way you like. You create it. Then challenge yourself and your friends and find out who is truly a rugged warrior!

This has 8 pieces (Corkscrew, A-Frame, Tire Run, Leap of Courage, 180, The Sweeper, The Cliff and Rope Climb Slide)

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Dimensions: 75' x 28' x 19'