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Custom Promotional Blimps & Hot Air Balloons

Some of Inflatable 2000's past advertising inflatables flying over a city skyline.
  • Inflatable Balls
  • Custom Hot Air Balloons
  • Custom-Shaped Balloons
  • Remote Controlled Advertising Blimps

Your regular business sign might not be enough to draw attention to your event. Throw an array of flying advertising inflatables like blimps, balls, and balloons into the mix and everyone will exit the freeway to get a glimpse of your latest sale or promotion. Our team of designers and producers hold years of experience in developing and creating all kinds of inflatable advertising balloons, From custom print latex birthday party balloons to gas powered remote controlled helium blimps, we'll be sure to provide you with the blimps, balloons, or balls that your company needs.

Inflatable helium filled floating blimps, balls, and balloons are great for grand openings, trade show events, and promotions. If you would like a customized shape be sure to check out our page on what we can do for your advertising venture. Remote blimps make for great crowd pleasers in indoor or outdoor stadiums or arenas. Then if you're looking for party or celebration balloons, we have all types and sizes from latex to mylar, so be sure to check out our balloons page.

Advertising Blimps

Nothing turns heads on the street or at a special event quite like your own custom advertising blimp – there’s a reason they’re a mainstay at sporting events. Inflatable 2000 can create amazing custom advertising blimps that will get your brand seen and increase custom engagement like nothing else. We even make remote-controlled advertising blimps that make for great toys to boot! Multiple colors and endless shapes available.

Inflatable Balls

Our inflatable balls are the total package: a 7 or 10-foor PVC balloon complete with harness and accessories. Oh, and they’re custom-created with your logo, colors, or other special design.

Custom Hot Air Balloons

Great for use indoors or outdoors, our custom hot air balloon-style advertising blimps are up to 12 feet tall, with harness and accessories included. Not enough? Internal lighting systems and custom banners are also available.

Custom-Shaped Advertising Balloons

Want something you don’t see? Don’t worry – Inflatable 2000 specializes into making your vision a reality. Whether you want a custom balloon shaped like a logo, mascot, product replica, or anything in between, we make high-quality custom-shaped balloon inflatables that are second to none.