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RC Advertising Blimps & Custom Promotional Blimps for Businesses

RC Advertising Blimps & Custom Promotional Blimps for Businesses

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's your brand! Make your business soar by turning heads with a custom promotional blimp from Inflatable 2000. These blimps will feature your brand, logo, or anything else, with easy RC controls so that you can take your blimp anywhere you'd like your brand to be (and have a lot of fun to boot)!

These packages includes everything except the helium:
» Custom Made Blimp Body (11 to 18 mil laminated PVC, specially made to hold helium) (8ft in TPU 5mil)
» 27 colors available for body and tailfins (No extra charge for any color available) 8ft model only in white or clear body
» 4 Channel Remote Controller & Receiver (High Quality FM System) 1500ft+ Range
» Gondola with Dual Motors & 220 Degree Servo Control
» Tailfin Motor
» Two Sets of Main Batteries
» Fast Charger
» Dual Strobe Lights on Side of Gondola gives realistic look with on/off switch (not available on 8ft model)
» Drop Mechanism will make two separate drops of prizes on crowd below
» 5 Foot Inflation Hose With Brass Fitting to Screw into Helium Tank
» epair Patch Kit
» Instruction Manual


Outdoor RC Blimp

Battery powered systems offer high power and control with flight times ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  The electric systems have no gas which will allow you to fly over crowds will less problems regarding safety.  Each system is custom designed to your needs depending on flight time, speed and other requirements.  Please e-mail us with your needs and we will be happy to give you a complete quote (pricing below reflects average systems)

Gas Powered:

The 30-foot Outdoor rc blimp has been designed for ease of use and practicality in the field. The gondola uses the latest in remote piloted systems and offers extreme versatility in both power and mobility. Fitted with automatic electric onboard starters the blimp is completely hands off when starting or stopping the engines and can even be re-started in flight. With a sleek streamline bag shape the blimp can fly safely in higher winds and provides great stability as an aerial image gathering platform. This rc blimp offers high impact aerial marketing at prices much lower than full size manned aircraft.

Blimp Envelope, Diameter: 7.5ft, Length: 30ft, Weight: 12lbs, Material: Rip-Stop Nylon, Payload: Approx. 32lbs, Fill hoses, Envelope repair kit (includes extra material and glue), Outdoor Gondola (gas powered), Length: 42in, Width: 9in, Height: 12in, Weight: 25lbs, Motor: Zenoah G-23, Flight Time: 1-2 hours without onboard generator, 6-8 hours with onboard generator, Automatic Electric Starters: FEMA Onboard Starter Kit, Top Speed: 25-30mph, Custom Transmitter & Receiver, Battery Packs, Outdoor Fins (elevator & rudder control), Servos: Hitec, Material: Wood/Foam Structure w/ MonoKote, On-board Ballast, Rope

Accessories (gas only): Internal Lighting System (when using optional generator)

Ground Station: Roll around gondola stand, 5 gallon refuel tank, Electric refuel pump with battery, Tool and replacement parts storage, 4 point blimp tie down system (good for winds up to 15 mph)

Spare Propulsion module: Quick change motor with starter.

Data Uplink System

One of the greatest concerns while piloting a remote control blimp is battery usage and fuel consumption. Currently blimps being sold commercially do not generally provide any flight information to the pilot. Our new data uplink system provides critical information during flight that will reduce the likelihood of losing flight control due to battery consumption and loss of power due to running out of fuel. The system transmits airspeed, altitude, voltage, and fuel usage to the ground via two omni directional antennae, one on the gondola and the other on the ground, with a range of approximately one mile. The system comes with preformatted software and includes laptop with Windows 98. The system will give warning flags for low voltage, low fuel, altitude limits, and distance limits. This is extremely important because the system will guard against accidents due to dead batteries (resulting in radio failure) and empty gas tanks (loss of power plants).

Generator System

The generator will eliminate the need to carry multiple batteries for the radio, lights, camera system, and any other electrical accessory. As is the blimp is delivered with one set of flight batteries (2) and one starter battery and chargers for each. In addition, the client would not have to charge several packs at different voltages requiring different types of chargers, and if they plan to fly all day they must invest in several battery sets to be replaced every other flight that range from 30 to 45 minutes. This requires a lot of down time between flights and opens the possibility for accidents do to the constant monitoring of batteries being replaced and the chance of replacing them with improperly charged batteries due to the lack of experience with these types of batteries systems. With addition of the generator the client is free to add accessories such as a camera system, illumination light for the bag and navigation lights to fly at night, and any other electrical accessories with out the addition of more batteries witch will save on weight and the hassle of charging more batteries. The biggest advantage would be the fact that the flight time of the blimp would only be limited by fuel.

Accessories (electric & gas):

Banner System
- Allows changing of message by just changing banners.  The banners are clear material so message shows while giving best use of lighting at night.

Camera Mounts: A wide variety of camera mounts are available. If you don't see your needs please send us an e-mail asking and we will be happy to help you.

Simple panning system, Simple pan & tilt system, Gyro Stabilized panning system:  This system will allow you to pan to something on the ground and the system will stay turned in that direction even if blimp turns, Gyro Stabilized pan & tilt system:  This system allows you to move your camera left, right, up & down and will stay stabilized on that direction even if blimp turns or tilts, Video downlink:  This allows you to see on the ground what you are taking photos or video of on the ground, Servo controls:  These will allow you to activate camera options from the ground such as zoom, shutter, etc...

Delivery Schedule – 2 to 3 months,Training program is available