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  • Fun Wedding Idea: Rent a Bounce House!

    As the title suggests, this post is a fun idea for all those planning the celebration of their vows. If you’re looking for something guests will never forget and that offers the chance to show your fun side, then consider renting a bounce house. While certainly unique, it’s not the first time. In fact, inflatables at weddings is starting to trend right now – so it’s something you may want to consider if you'll be tying the knot soon.

    Offer Guests Something Memorable

    One of the most important factors when planning a wedding is how memorable and enjoyable you can make the experience for guests. Many weddings offer a form of entertainment or a favor to take home as the memory of the day. A bounce house offers something that let’s everyone in on the action, letting out their inner child and doing exactly what you hoped they would on your special day - making memories.

    Endless Possibilities

    The other great thing about inflatables is there are so many different options to choose from. After guests have watched the vows, eaten some great food and danced, there’s still more time for fun. You don’t just need to have a large bounce house, you can make it challenging, add games or even have a themed inflatable. The possibilities are truly endless for creating a unique memory that is unlike any other wedding your guests have attended.

    Shop i2k

    If you’re a party planner or own a rental company and are looking to expand your inventory to offer more options for events, or if you want an inflatable jumper or bounce house for your own personal use, our wide variety of jumpers and bounce houses that include something for everyone to bring fun to any occasion. Browse our inventory to see all of the fun, safe and exciting inflatable jumpers and moonwalks we have to get your party bouncing in no time!

  • Water Slides and Summer Go Together

    Nothing represents summertime more than water parks, pools and amusement rides. It’s for this reason that families head out in droves to popular attractions like Disney or local parks for the day and why thrill seekers or beach lovers are drawn to the water for their favorite summer pastime.

    Cooling down while having fun outdoors is so much more fun when a giant water slide is involved.

    As children we played at the swing sets, rode down the slides and made connections with the pure bliss and enjoyment we felt sliding our way down those winding planks.

    As grown-ups we may have graduated to the deep end of the pool where a slide was also part of the set-up. If you were really lucky, you also slid down an inflatable water slide a tie or two into some fun and action below.

    Water slides and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly, like tacos and Tuesdays.

    Whether you’re at a water park or a neighbor’s backyard party, running over to the water slide is a no-brainer on a hot summer day. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. Some cooling water, some splashing around and an exhilarating rush down the slope into the water below.

    Challenge a buddy to a race to the bottom, make your way through an obstacle course and finish with a slide down to victory or muster up all the courage within to climb to the top of one of the tallest slides ever made and then feel the awesome rush as you make your way down.

    i2k skyslide

    Shop i2k!

    Inflatable 2000 is your source for all your water slide needs. Our SkySlide is a 51’ tall inflatable slide that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. It combines two rides in one and features a 30-ft vertical drop. From commercial inflatables for party rental companies to smaller toddler inflatables, we have a wide selection of quality choices. Jumpers, slides and advertising never looked so good. Check it out for yourself!

  • Tips for Properly Securing Bounce Houses

    One of the most popular inflatables you’ll find at a child’s birthday party or other event targeted at smaller children are bounce houses – and rightfully so. These inflatables provide hours of jumping fun for little ones.

    Safety is important. From having an adult supervising the activity, to setting ground rules for kids entering the bounce house like removing shoes and no horseplay - all of these measures can reduce the chance of injuries.

    Another important feature to also focus on is the set-up of the bounce house. Properly securing it is key to keeping the bounce house in place and protecting children as they bounce around.

    Here are some tips on securing bounce houses in place.

    Check Stakes and Weights

    Whether you’re setting up the bounce house yourself or allowing your child to enter one, you should ensure that it is properly held in place with stakes and weights. The inflatable should be tied and staked with deep stakes in each corner and you should walk around to ensure there is slack in the rope and that are weights heavy enough to hold it in place in case of strong winds or another occurrence.

    Be Cautious of Weather if Outdoors

    While some smaller bounce houses can be used indoors, there are very large ones typically used for outdoor events. It’s important to monitor local weather conditions for the day. If there is extreme wind present it is not advised that a bounce house be used. Depending if the inflatable is for personal use or being rented out by a professional company, you should pay extra attention to manufacturer recommendations on the operation. You should have kids safely exit smaller bounce houses once winds start to kick up dust and branches and if you’re unsure about the operation.

    Whether you already own a party rental company and are looking to expand your inventory, or just want an inflatable jumper or bounce house for your own personal use, it’s important to purchase from a trusted company.

    At i2k our inflatables are made with safe and strong fire-resistant vinyl and include 360 degree mesh windows so parents can keep a watchful eye on kids.

    Browse our selection now!

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