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  • Success as a Start-Up: Why You Should Try Inflatable Party Rentals

    Starting your own business is both a bold and exciting task and also one you’re likely to feel anxious about. It’s a major step in your journey to financial freedom and success and the path can look different for everyone.

    If you’ve got it in you to start making your own hours and decisions when it comes to earning an income, but are not sure exactly where to start, here are 3 reasons to seriously consider a bounce house business.

    Always a Need for Entertainment

    One of the things you may be thinking about as you decide on a business whether or not the market will remain ripe. Some industries go through phases where demand is high and then out of nowhere, there is just no longer a need. Those markets can be hard to tackle because you’ll have to constantly reinvent yourself to keep up.  With inflatable party rentals, you’re not likely to ever run into the problem. There will always be a birthday party, event, carnival or school function going on where entertainment is needed.

    Fast Cash ROI

    The fact that you can start a bounce house business with a low investment and quickly start making your money back is a top reason many people take the plunge. After you’ve established your business name, insurance and other paperwork, you can start out small and invest in a few different inflatables and grow along with demand. As more rental contracts come in and your making profit, you can reinvest that money in additional inflatables and staff who can help with delivering and setting up the inflatables.

    No Dealing with Franchisors

    Many people who decide they want to start their own business think it’s wise to turn to a franchise company to help them along the way. While this may be the best move for some industries, there are also downsides to consider. If you’re set on being totally free of those demands and want a business that’s all your own, bounce house rentals are the way to go. It’s an exciting, fun and profitable business that brings in over $3.5 billion a year.

    What are you waiting for?

    i2k offers a free Startup Guide to help you with growing a profitable inflatable business. We also offer an array of amazing inflatables for purchase to help you get started.

    Browse our selection!

  • How Young is too Young for Bounce Houses?

    Giving our children time to grow and play is important in their younger years to help with everything from social skills to physical growth and even important developmental advancements. We are told from a very young age to give our babies play time on floor mats where they can become independent and explore.

    As they grow from infancy into the toddler phase, that play time expands to include other children. This is when parents are paying even closer attention to how their child interacts and also to keep them safe from other children’s behaviors. This playtime can happen at a daycare, on a playground or even at a birthday party.

    If you have a young child whose been invited to a party where there will be a bounce house, you may be wondering how young is too young to allow them to play in one of those jumpers. Here are somethings you’ll want to consider in addition to age.

    Will it be Supervised?

    One of the best ways to ensure safety wherever there are a ton of kids of running around and having fun is to have a dedicated adult supervising the play time. These adults can stand by to ensure there is no bad behavior occurring and that the correct amount of children are using the bounce house at all times. Having set rules for usage can also help deter incidents and ensure fun remains the only thing that happens in the bounce house.

    Is the Inflatable Made with Toddlers in Mind

    Inflatables made for toddlers are created with extra safety measures. The standard bounce house age ranges from 6 years old to 13 years old. But smaller children can enjoy their own fun in a bounce house made for their size and weight. Toddler inflatables are designed to engage young children in fun activities. They aren’t as big and scary as some of the other extreme obstacle course inflatables, and may even detract teenagers from wanting to use them.

    Who else will be using the Bounce House?

    An important thing to keep in mind when you are considering letting your child enter a bounce house is who is using it. If it’s already filled with much older children inside, you may want to think twice about the probability of an accidental injury with all of the chaos going on. If you feel it could be unsafe, then do not let your child play in that particular inflatable until the older children have left and won’t be using it any longer. Be sure to still stand by and watch to ensure safety.

    Looking for toddler inflatables for your bounce house rental company? Look no further than Inflatable 2000. We have a variety of sizes and styles designed to appeal to children. Browse through our selection of bounce houses to find the perfect fit or contact us to learn more!

  • Inflatable Obstacle Courses: What's the Big Deal?

    Obstacle courses have been around for some time and are usually a popular attraction for those who love a good challenge or are drawn to compete.

    Traditionally, these courses were set up to train soldiers going in to combat on how to quickly navigate terrains and obstacles in their way when out in the field.

    Over time, others began to use obstacle courses as a way to measure their own endurance and strength as well as a way to stay fit and even for a way to have fun.

    Today, obstacle courses have a very fun vibe to them and you’ll even find them in an inflatable format.

    Inflatable Obstacle Courses

    Inflatable obstacle courses keep the same idea of challenging opponents and using physical strength to make it to the other side, but all of this happens while on a soft, bouncy surface. That addition alone is sure to bring an element of laughter and fun not seen with traditional obstacle courses and thanks to patented Zero Shock technology from i2k there is a safe cushion for falls.

    i2k has an array of inflatable obstacle courses to choose from. Our 7 Element inflatable includes tunnels and walls for opponents to race through to the end. Looking for something a bit more rugged? Boot Camp Extreme has holes to jump through, ropes to swing from and water to trek before you can claim the winner status.

    Aside from a fun time and a challenge of your endurance, obstacle courses are also a terrific way to gain trust and foster team-building. Use inflatables at corporate events and have coworkers strategize together on how to best win the challenge. Team building also creates an environment workers favor and a stronger company culture that ultimately will boost your bottom line.

    Interested? Get in touch today!

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