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  • Why Advertising Inflatables Are the Way to Go

    In a world with hundreds of companies competing for the same customers, it can be hard to stand out. People are bombarded with advertisements on TV and on their phones, and it can all become background noise. If you want to capture the public’s attention and get them interested in the products or services your company has to offer, you need to think outside the box.

    One way to do that is to advertise with inflatables. People may not pay attention to the endless ads they see on TV or online, but it’s hard to ignore an inflatable blimp or hot air balloon floating in the sky.


    How Advertising Inflatables Can Help Your Company Attract Customers

    i2k offers several types of advertising inflatables that can help you grab people’s attention. We can create a custom blimp that can be decorated with your company’s name and logo. When people glance up at the sky and see the blimp soaring overhead, it will immediately capture their attention. i2k also offers remote-controlled advertising blimps that can be safely operated from the ground and guided over a specific neighborhood or a larger area.

    Another eye-catching advertising option is a custom hot air balloon. Like our blimps, i2k's hot air balloons can be customized with your company’s name and logo for instant name recognition. We can even create a balloon with a custom shape to call to mind the image of your company’s product or mascot.

    i2k can create a huge helium-filled advertising ball to attract the attention of customers at eye level. It can be placed outside your business to draw in people who are walking or driving by and pique their curiosity.

    When to Use Advertising Inflatables

    Advertising inflatables are versatile and can be effective promotional tools for many types of events. They are perfect for a grand opening, sale, or launch of a new product. If representatives from your business will be attending an event that will also include people from many other companies, such as a fair, convention, or trade show, advertising inflatables from i2k can help your business stand out in a crowded field of competitors and draw potential customers to your booth.

    Contact I2K to Learn More about Advertising Inflatables

    The business world is extremely competitive, and people are bombarded with advertisements everywhere they look. In order to set your business apart and capture people’s attention, you need to do something different and unexpected. If people look up and see a large blimp or hot air balloon in the sky, it will immediately catch their attention. An advertising inflatable that is decorated with your company’s name and logo will be impossible to ignore and will not soon be forgotten. Contact i2k today to learn more about how advertising inflatables can help you promote your business.

  • Throw a Party for the Guys: 4 Inflatables that Impress

    Getting the guys together for a party might seem like a regular weekly occurrence. You know, those times when the guys gather the crew, turn on the sports game and bring some beers. Or, if you’re in the younger crowd, choose an outing or event to attend, and everyone just goes. We’re not talking about those kinds of get-togethers. Some parties aren’t that easy to pull off.

    For those events that require more (think milestone celebrations and achievements), you want to have a party that impresses, and yet one that doesn’t seem like it’s fit for your wife and her friends to hang at too.

    You can’t get more fun than inflatables! Especially when those bigger life blow-up games that offer a chance to duel it out and show your domination.

    Here are our 4 top picks for inflatables that will impress at any guy party:

    Gladiator Joust

    This is one of the oldest dueling matches around. Opponents climb up onto a pedestal and fight it out with over-sized joust poles trying to get the other guy off his post to be the winner.

    Human Foosball


    What a guy party without some foosball? This life-size game is crazy fun and makes a great time for teams to work together for the win. Up to 10 players can partake in the game using a 55ft x 35ft inflatable arena.

    Whack a Mole

    Just like the classic game, hit moles on their heads as fast as you can to win. Except, the moles you get to smash on the head are your friends!

    Lawn Games

    lawn games

    If you’re undecided which game will be the best for your party or you want to offer some variety throughout the day, then the Lawn Games Arena is for you! As the most versatile, brag-worthy inflatable, it combines 10 popular field games including:  Jumbo Checkers • Giant Splash Pong • Tug O War • CornHole • Mega Blocks • Volleyball • Giant Ring Toss • Giant Horsehoes • Human Pretzel • Hippity Hop Horses

  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Big with Inflatables

    St. Patrick’s Day has evolved over the years to become a must-celebrate day for people across the nation. Whether wanting to honor the day for its traditional religious purpose, to celebrate Irish roots and traditions or for a reason to dress in all green and spread cheer while sipping on traditional brews - one thing’s for sure: St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are growing everywhere.

    If you’re in charge of planning upcoming festivities for the March 17th holiday, now’s your chance to get your inflatables purchase or rental in order.

    Inflatables can be used in so many ways to celebrate the occasion – from better brand awareness to good old fun times, here are 3 ways to use inflatables to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day BIG this year.

    Inflatable Pub Perfect for the Occasion

    What’s St. Patrick’s Day without some brews to celebrate the occasion? It’s become such a popular tradition that most parades commence in big cities with a day of drinking and fun hosted by local restaurants and bars. With so much potential for profit on this day, why leave it to only the brick and mortar establishments to partake in? An inflatable pub is a perfect way to set-up a remote location for your business and offer event goer’s a fun, inventive way to come inside and celebrate!

    Customized Inflatables for Major Parade Props

    st. patricks day parade

    Parades are also a giant and traditional way to celebrate this holiday. Businesses march in these events promoting their participation in the community wearing matching clothes, carrying banners and even designing floats as they pass by the many spectators. If you’re promoting your brand, don’t do it with simple logo t-shirts. Have a custom inflatable designed that catches the attention of all and that’s hard to forget.

    Bounce Houses Always a Hit with the Kids

    Regardless of how you’re going to help celebrate this day, offering the kids a chance for some fun is always a must. Bounce houses are one of the best ways to keep kids entertained for hours. If you’re feeling extra fun, consider inflatables for adults too. Everything from giant games to challenge courses makes for a lasting impression and are sure to draw crowds.

    kids playing in inflatable bounce house

    Inflatable 2000 is your leading source for bounce houses, interactive inflatables, obstacle courses, jumpers and combos, and more!

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