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  • Inflatable Parks Hot Spot for Family Vacations

    If you’ve been thinking about ways to expand your inflatable business’s earnings possibilities, there’s a hot new trend picking up. Inflatable-themed parks that have different fun bounce houses and obstacle courses and give families a chance to spend together while the kids have fun.

    Most families spend a significant amount of time and money planning great vacation getaways for their families. Limited choices of things to do with younger kids in tow and a desire for fun and entertainment typically top the list.

    Water parks can get crowded, repetitive, and may even be closed depending on the season or weather. Instead, an inflatable park is a fun new twist of the park scene (water parks, bounce parks) and provide hours and days of fun for visitors. It’s also a great opportunity for your business to thrive and grab a piece of this hot new market.

    Here are some options to consider if you want to get started offering inflatable amusements at a dedicated location that customers can enjoy.

    A Giant Game of Jousting

    Jousting beams have been around for centuries. They offer wild entertainment and add a level of competition for thousands of fans and competitors to take part in. Add another layer of fun by making the jousting happen high up, and with an inflatable to safely fall too should an opponent be knocked off.

    Families and friends combat one another and the attraction builds as everyone takes their turn trying to take down the ‘King-of-the-Hill’.

    A Waterslide Unlike Anything You’ve Seen  

    SkySlide is the world’s tallest inflatable water slide. With the highest safety standards and measuring over five stories tall, sliders rush down a 30-foot vertical drop on one side and finish off with a “kicker” that launches them into the air before softly landing onto an Inflatable Impact Attenuation System “IIAS”. Add some pool water to the bottom and draws crowds of all ages for the entire day.


    A Traditional Jumper for the Little Ones

    Going on vacation isn’t just about big kids and adults. As a parent, you know the little ones always want in on the action too. Having some toddler inflatables set up will answer to this need.

    kids inflatable

    Choose animated character themes or a traditional castle bounce house and you’ll have a safe and sturdy toddler inflatable to keep them occupied for hours.

    Looking to purchase inflatables for your business?  i2k is here to help you however we can. Get in touch today!

  • 4 Event Ideas with Inflatables

    Whether you’re a business that rents out party supplies, in charge of planning large events or just loves throwing a good party, we’re bringing you some ideas on how to incorporate inflatables into your big day to make it even more special.

    Having an inflatable for attendees to enjoy can create more excitement, become a focal point of the event and even help support a great cause.

    first birthday

    1.      Milestone Celebrations

    For both businesses and residential parties, celebrating important milestones is a major must. For some, a first birthday can be that big event or company anniversaries and large wins can evoke a reason to get out and have fun. With inflatables, you can make these celebrations bigger and better.

    mud run event

    2.      Creative Marathon or Festival

    Another great place for inflatables is any giant outdoor event with people already looking for fun. Festivals and even charity fundraisers could use inflatables to draw crowds for a good cause. Complete a marathon event like a mud run with an inflatable obstacle course and make your outing different than the rest.


    3.      Block Party / Summer Barbecue

    No outdoor event is more recognized than the summer barbecue. Maybe it’s something about the smell of the burgers cooking on the grill or the sun shining and happy mood these events involve. From very large block parties with the entire community or a small picnic in your backyard, if you’re looking for entertainment that makes a lasting impression and is a hit for all, consider an inflatable water slide for something fun and refreshing.

    wedding fun

    4.      Wedding Reception Fun

    Not everyone dreams of a wedding with a bounce house but for those couples who want fun to be a big part of their special day, inflatables are a new trending option for wedding receptions.

    i2k is the leading source for high-quality inflatables. From bounce houses, interactive inflatables, obstacle courses, jumpers and combos, even inflatable slides and water slides – we have it all!

  • 3 Alternative Uses for Inflatables

    The inflatables market is large and growing today. From fun bounce houses for kid’s parties to large obstacle courses and huge marketing blimps, there are so many ways inflatables are being used to excite and amuse.

    Here are 3 new and emerging ways inflatables are being used today.


    On-demand shelters are important in emergencies and made possible with inflatables. They’re also a great option to create a location for event attendees to visit that feels just like a brick and mortar location – but isn’t.

    i2k pub inflatable

    Our i2k Inflatable Pub Party is the perfect example of how you can have a building that looks just like an Irish tavern - printed roof tiles, brick walls and all!


    New inventive ways to think about inflatables capabilities are also helping professionals to design them bigger and better than ever. Improved materials, safety and pushing the limits on size is a trend we’ll continue to see growing.

    We can create a unique product replica and assist you from conception & design to proper placement. Advertising through inflatables, banners, signs, and flags that are large and demand attention to drive brand awareness.

    Emergencies and Training

    Aside from the fun and practical uses for inflatables, they’re also being used to help in emergencies and for tactical training. The low cost of an inflatable apparatus, as well as the soft cushioning of air, making these applications perfect for use under these demanding and emergency conditions.


    We produce full-scale replicas of any type of military machinery designed to enhance and confuse.

    i2k is the leading source for custom and commercial inflatables, promotional advertising products, and more! Whether you’re a party rental company, business manager or party planner – we have bounce houses, interactive inflatables, obstacle courses, jumpers, inflatable slides, military inflatables, and kiosks.  CONTACT US TODAY!

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