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  • Draw Crowds at Church Events & Fundraisers with Inflatables

    Religious institutions and other nondenominational congregations play a large role in communities across the globe. The togetherness and change that happen when people come together is typically a central focus.

    One way to get movements in action is by raising money for causes they are dedicated to. This is done through various church events, carnivals, fundraisers, cook-offs and more.

    If you’ve been looking for a way to draw larger crowds at the next church event, inflatables provide the answer. From the enjoyment they bring to children to the interactive games for all ages, incorporating inflatables into an event is a great way to add entertainment.

    Here are just a few ideas for using inflatables for your next church event or fundraiser.

    Lawn Games

    lawn games inflatable

    There’s nothing like bringing together a group of people for some fun games and networking. With lawn games, you can offer people up to 10 different game options with some of the most popular field game options to choose from. Giant horseshoes, Tug-o-War, Giant Checkers and more! Team building at it's best.

    Bounce House

    kids playing in inflatable bounce house

    If you’re looking to draw families and keep the little ones entertained you can never go wrong with a bounce house. Perhaps one of the most expected form of entertainment at gatherings these jumping, bouncing houses of fun will keep them entertained for hours while parents discuss the topics that matter in the community.


    Slides can be a fun attraction for all ages. Inflatable slides that are exceptionally higher are even more fun. Even if passersby didn’t know about your event, they may be drawn to come to see what it’s all about when they see this towering inflatable calling them in.

    These are just a few ideas for how to incorporate inflatables into a church event. We have many more options and can help you customize an offering that works for your needs. Whether you find a vendor to rent inflatables from or want to invest in a few that you can use again and again for events at your church, high quality is the way to go.

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  • High School Homecoming Pride with Inflatables

    One of the finest American traditions in academia aside from graduation is the homecoming celebration. Both high school and universities use this time to promote what they excel in and to put their value and persona on display.

    They’ve become so popular in fact, they've evolved to become one of the standout ways schools promote their student body and achievements. Each year creating a celebration bigger and better than the last.

    Extravagant parades, live performances, and other entertainment are the headliner at most homecoming celebrations.

    One way to really bring fun and stand out from the crowd is to use inflatables.

    There are a few different ways you can incorporate the grandeur of inflatables into the homecoming event. From creating décor to adding a fun attraction.

    Here are a few ideas:

    Inflatable Arch

    What a way to welcome the team and community on to the field than an archway. One designed with your school name, colors or mascot included. Inflatable arches make a terrific option for homecomings because they create an instant entryway and highlight the importance of all those who walk through in making the school the success that it is.

    Inflatable Mascot

    Show the ultimate team spirit and school pride with a giant inflatable of your mascot. It can be seen from miles away, customized to match your school colors and logos and used over again at other events to represent the school in a stand out way.

    Inflatable Games

    Let everyone join in on the fun and excitement of the night with interactive inflatables. These bigger than life games and challenge-type inflatables are a big hit with crowds of all ages and make your homecoming celebration that much more memorable.

    i2k is a leader in quality inflatables serving customers across the globe. Our inflatables are used by party rental companies to advertising departments and even design and create custom giant inflatables made to your specs.


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  • Plan the Ultimate Corporate Holiday Party with Inflatables

    Each year it seems the holidays rush in. Before we know it we’re moving away from summer luaus and pool parties and we’re drinking eggnog and exchanging gifts. Hosting a successful corporate holiday event can be tricky, especially if you wait until the last minute to prepare. Unlike other events and occasions, these holidays are being celebrated by everyone, at the same time. Spaces fill up quickly at restaurants and finding a new, impressive way to show your employees you appreciate is important.

    Hosting an event with inflatables is a great way to bring fun and excitement to your corporate holiday party.

    Here are some ideas on how to incorporate them into the event for the best experience.

    Interactive Inflatables for Team Building

    Team building initiatives are important. Hosting a holiday party and incorporating this is a great way to get the job done. It not only strengthens productivity and loyalty it also strengthens company culture and can ultimately boost your bottom line.

    Interactive inflatables are giant, bigger than life games and challenges (like dodgeball and bowling) created out of an inflatable mechanism where opponents have a wildly fun time competing for a win.

    In addition to fun, team building activities allow people to work together and learn more about one another. If you live in a warmer climate, this can happen outdoors at any venue – even in the winter months. There are also options for inflatables that can be used indoors if you’d like to incorporate inflatables in your winter party.



    Add Rewards & Gifts to Up the Ante

    Another great way to show appreciation for a job well done over the last year is to reward employees. Incentives like gifts, money and even gift cards up the ante and make the challenge even more exciting. You can add in larger, special gifts and prizes to make the games competitive and fun as well.

    Remember to Have Fun!

    The holiday is a time to spread cheer. If you’re part of the C-suite or upper management and want to really have a successful holiday event, get involved. The most important thing you can do is partake in the fun. Get on teams with the employees, enjoy the interactive games and use the holiday party as a time for team building and strengthening relationships.


    Make your corporate events a hit. Choose fun inflatables everyone will want to use! Shop i2k for top quality inflatables in a large selection of styles and designs.

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