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  • Make This Festival Season Memorable with Inflatables

    If you haven’t already heard about the splash Beyoncé made headlining Coachella this year, or all the trending fashion that's centered on festivals, then you’ve probably been living in seclusion. Festival season has kicked off and it’s creating waves everywhere.

    Why Are Festivals Gaining So Much Attention?

    The millennial generation is shaping trends across the globe. Their light-hearted, thrill-seeking nature fits perfectly with the open air, warm weather and fun-loving environment present at most festivals. Typically music-related, there is a lot more that happens at festivals, carnivals and outdoor summer events than just a performance on a center stage. Game booths, vendors, attractions - there is something for everyone.

    Branding and Marketing Opportunities at Festivals

    Festivals have become so huge in fact that brands and businesses want a piece of the pie. From social media promotions to unique branding efforts, there is so much a company can do to make their presence known at these events. The idea is to offer festival-goers an experience that is memorable.

    Make a Mark with Inflatables

    Inflatables have been used for years at marketing events and carnivals and create the perfect opportunity to garner enthusiasm about your brand.

    jenga lawn game

    If sliding down at seriously tall water slide, or battling opponents in a game of larger than life Jenga isn’t enough, what about an inflatable pub where guests can stop for a beer?

    i2k pubThe opportunities are truly endless.

    This summer season, don’t let your brand go unrecognized again as your employees sit in the hot sun waiting for someone to stop by.

    Grab attention, create excitement and deliver those one of a kind experiences that people are looking for when they attend festival events.

    i2k has dozens of inflatable bounce houses, water slides, and obstacle courses.

    Browse our selection and place your order today!

  • Is An Inflatable Company Right for You?

    If it’s been your dream to own a company that allows you the flexibility to be your own boss while earning great income, then you’ve probably already researched your options. Do you get into a franchise? Look for a partner? Is a rental company a wise choice?

    Many inflatable companies have enjoyed success due to the fact that everyone likes to have a good time. Whether it’s a birthday party, event or festival, inflatables draw attention and there are an unending number of possibilities for use.

    If this is the route you’re set on pursuing, here 3 important things to consider before you take the leap.

    Distinguishing Your Business Purpose

    Saying you want to own an inflatables company doesn’t truly describe what your business will do. Are you going to rent out a certain set of inflatable jumpers to your local community for their personal events? If so, will you be providing set-up and take down services? Or did you want to open a dedicated location with inflatables that people can come to visit to get in playtime?

    Understanding Seasonal Demands

    One thing that may be an adjustment coming into this new business is the fact that some of these businesses are seasonal. If you live in a region where harsh, cold winters make it impossible to be outside, perhaps those months become down season. You’ll have to consider other avenues to pursue during the lull to keep incoming cash flow.

    Learning About Your Market

    Regardless of the type of inflatable company you end up running, you’ll need to study your local market to ensure success. If you open an indoor play center, are there families with children in the area in need of somewhere like this? As a rental company, how saturated is the market with players offering this same thing, and what will your business offer differently to compete?

    If you’re still in need of help with getting started, i2k is a great resource. We provide everything you need as a start-up to be successful.

    Check out our easy 10-step guide to take your inflatable business from idea to growth.

  • 3 Unique Ways Inflatables Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

    Trade show season is increasingly becoming important in many industries because it provides an opportunity to have valuable face-time with potential customers and business contacts that is lost with much of today’s online communications.

    Networking in-person, prospecting, pitching and building a connection to talk about your products and services can go a long way for business growth.

    Trade shows are a great way to meet people, develop long-term relationships and drive awareness. But many events have increasingly astronomical numbers of attendees, and that means stiffer competition to get foot traffic to your booth.

    Here are 3 unique ways you can use inflatables to direct attendees to your trade show booth.

    Stand Out

    An aerial view of many trade shows can look like a sea of people moving through lanes. From the ground level, this can make it difficult to be seen. But there is something you can do to catch attendee attention so they recognize you and your brand and may head over to chat. Use bright, inviting, quality graphics, banners, flags, inflatable kiosks and booths with your company name, logo and more.

    Make it Fun

    People are drawn to fun. Especially if they have been walking around a large room all day hearing pitches. When they make it to your booth and can stop to play a game, or do a unique challenge, they’ll likely stop to break up the day and even remember you after the show for making a memorable moment for them at the event. Check out our collection of interactive inflatables to liven up the atmosphere at any event.


    If you’re really looking to strengthen brand awareness and are dedicated to getting attendees to come over to chat and remember you long after the tradeshow, personalized options could be a great way to achieve your goal. Turn your product or logo into a custom game you have full control over. At i2k we have a team of professional graphic designers who can work with you on a creative and challenging inflatable game that will be the talk of any event.

    Going to an industry trade show? Want to attract leads? Get them to your booth with Inflatables!

    i2k offers promotional options for fairs, festivals, and public events. We can help you get your business in front of the competition with promotional advertising services.

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