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  • Buy Enclosed Obstacle Courses from Inflatable 2000

    enclosed inflatable obstacle coursesWhen people plan parties or corporate team building events, they are always looking for ways to encourage guests to have fun. Physical activities that promote a sense of friendly competition are often popular. Obstacle courses can allow participants to run, climb, and slide as they race to the finish line and try to beat their opponents.

    If you run an inflatable rental business, you should offer obstacle courses for parties. They can help you attract new customers, particularly companies that are planning employee events, parents of teenagers, and high school officials who are planning events for students and staff.

    Inflatable 2000 offers a selection of enclosed obstacle courses. They feature a variety of challenging obstacles and are contained in one inflatable that is easy to transport and set up.

    Super 65’ Obstacle Course

    The Super 65’ obstacle course from Inflatable 2000 may look fun and easy based on its bright colors, but it is actually quite a workout. Participants start out by climbing through the blue entrance tunnel and make their way through towers of blocks and tubes. They then climb through tunnels, make their way through a maze of obstacles, climb up a wall, and slide to the finish line.

    7-Element Obstacle Course

    The 7-Element obstacle course from Inflatable 2000 is extremely challenging. Competitors need to dive through a wall, squeeze through a pillar wall, go around side posts, make their way through tunnels, go through more walls, and race out the back.

    Black Ops Obstacle Course

    The Black Ops obstacle course is a military-style challenge. This two-lane obstacle course allows two people to compete against each other at the same time. Contestants need to make their way through the brick wall at the entrance, go past the stone pillars, crawl through passageways, climb a rock wall, make their way over a teeter-totter pivoting bridge, and then slide to the finish line.

    Order Enclosed Obstacle Courses

    Any of these enclosed obstacle courses would be an excellent addition to your inflatable rental company’s offerings. You can attract new customers who want to compete against their friends, family members, and coworkers at parties and events. Order enclosed obstacle courses from Inflatable 2000 today.

  • How to Buy Small Inflatables for Toddlers & Young Children

    toddler inflatablesToddlers and young children tend to be very active. They love to run, jump, and play with their friends and siblings. When parents are planning birthday parties or teachers at day cares and preschools are planning events for young children, they need to find ways to keep kids moving.

    Why Your Inflatable Rental Business Should Offer Bounce Houses for Toddlers and Young Children

    Parents often choose to rent inflatable bounce houses for birthday parties for toddlers and young children. Inflatables are also popular at daycares and preschools. If you own an inflatable rental business, you can attract many customers by offering inflatables specifically designed for young children.

    How to Choose the Right Inflatables for Young Kids

    When looking for inflatables to add to your company’s offerings, you need to choose ones that are developmentally appropriate for young children. The bounce houses you select need to be small enough for young children to use safely. They should also be decorated in fun ways that will make kids want to play on them.

    Where to Order Inflatables for Toddlers and Young Children

    Inflatable 2000 offers a selection of fun inflatable bounce houses that are specifically designed for toddlers and young children. Our inflatables are small enough for young kids to jump safely. They are decorated with bright colors and fun characters that are popular with young children. Our bounce houses are designed with many fun themes, including a train station, a farm, and a palace. They can keep kids entertained for hours as they participate in healthy physical activity.

    Inflatables for toddlers and young children are perfect for birthday parties, fairs, carnivals, and events at day cares and preschools. If you own an inflatable rental business, you should definitely have inflatables designed for young children to offer for parties and other events. Look through the selection of bounce houses for toddlers and young children at Inflatable 2000 and place your order today.

  • Which Type of Inflatable Rental Business Is Right for You?

    types of inflatable rental businessesRenting inflatable bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses is a great way to make money and have fun. Some people have inflatable side businesses that provide supplemental income, while others make it a full-time career. Inflatables are in high demand, and you can choose to cater to one type of clientele or have a business that appeals to as many people as possible. There are several ways to run your inflatable rental business. Here is a brief summary of the pros and cons of each so you can decide which type of business makes the most sense for you.

    Birthday Party Rental Company

    Some people choose to focus their inflatable rental business on backyard birthday parties for kids. These are generally small companies with part-time staff who work mostly on the weekends. Renting inflatables for birthday parties may help you earn a steady supplemental income, but you might need to keep another job a few days a week to make ends meet.

    Inflatable Rentals for Corporate, School, and Church Events

    Many people start out working birthday parties and later expand to other types of events, such as corporate parties and school and church events. The benefit of doing this is that many of these events are held during the week. That means you can work more days and earn more money. You will also need to buy more inflatables and trucks, hire more people, and advertise more to promote your business. All of this will cost more money, but you have the potential to earn a hefty profit.

    Rentals for Carnivals and Fairs

    Some inflatable rental companies set up bounce houses, slides, or obstacle courses at events such as carnivals and fairs and require people to buy tickets to use them. Depending on the number of people at the event, you may earn a substantial profit for a day’s work. Events such as carnivals and fairs are usually heavily promoted on TV and social media, so you could get hundreds or even thousands of customers per day.

    Indoor Inflatable Play Center

    Some people get tired of setting up and taking down inflatables and driving all over every day. If that type of work doesn’t appeal to you, you can stay in one place and set up an indoor inflatable play center. Families can come to your location to play on the inflatables and pay a set fee for admission. You can have the center open to the public at certain hours and rent it out for private parties at other times. If you choose this option, you will need to find an appropriate building and pay monthly rent, but you won’t need to pay for trucks and gas.

    Order Inflatables for Your Business from Inflatable 2000

    Whatever type of business you decide to start, you will need a selection of inflatables that appeal to a wide array of customers. Inflatable 2000 sells bounce houses, combo units, slides, and obstacle courses with fun themes for all ages and all types of events. Look through our selection and order inflatables for your business today.

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