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Inflatable Costumes


For promotional advertising Inflatable 2000 has you covered, from head to toe, with a full line of our inflatable costumes to create instant brand awareness. Its been proven when you make a strong visual impression, your product or service stays in the mind of consumers longer. We know inflatable costumes attract attention and generate instant connections at events; we've all seen these amusing costumes in front of grand openings on busy streets and intersections, now it's your turn to utilize one! Our promotional advertising department works with you to create eye-catching costumes (any shape and size) with your company or product logo in full color digital print to get your product noticed instantly! Use them at trade shows, charity events, franchise promotions, in-store sales, fundraisers, and outdoor events to draw direct attention to your company or product.

All our custom made inflatable costumes include equipment such as heavy duty rubber soled shoe bottoms, screen mesh, viewing window, internal battery powered inflation fan with waist belt, two 12 volt high powered batteries (one to use while other charges), rapid charger, storage case & instructions. Our inflatables are designed to maintain a high level of activity, day in and day out, for any climate, and are designed to be functional in a wide variety of working conditions. 

Inflatable costume set up is easy, attach your feet to the Velcro straps inside the rubber-soled shoes and step in, turn on the switch and zip up the zipper. With the fan & battery fastened to your backpack the balloon inflates around you. This is very comfortable and keeps you cool with fresh air constantly being forced in by the fan. A cool vest option can be used for very hot climates. A clear view out the front mesh window makes it easy for navigating.