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Promotional Military Inflatables

Whether you’re looking for recruitment tools or fun activities for military bases, custom inflatables from Inflatable 2000 are a great way to have fun and create engagement at any military event. Custom promotional inflatables and interactive games are a great way increase awareness at job fairs and other events like public fairs, promoting engagement and building community ties. For the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, or any other branch of the armed forces, our military inflatables are the best you can get.


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Let us help create a fun, challenging course for your next event. Our experts will help you find the perfect obstacle courses, slides, or interactive inflatables that will have your attendees asking for more. Call us today!


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Does your event bring out kids in search of fun? Look no farther: bounce, slide, shoot, crawl and work up a sweat in our interactive playgrounds. Interactive inflatables are a great way of attracting families and children of all ages. They can provide hours of fun for kids, and give parents something to occupy their kids. All of these inflatables can be modified, completely customized, or made as an original design to match your theme and branch of service.


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Inflatable obstacle courses are a great way to engage with the public at a variety of events. Kids and adults alike and test their mettle and their skills on any one of our amazing inflatable obstacle courses, such as the Rugged Warrior Challenge. Custom inflatables can be created to match your military branch or message.  


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Don’t be left on the sidelines, set yourself up for RECRUTING SUCCESS!! Take your recruiting efforts to the next level with these proven winners from Inflatable 2000. Be BOLD, have fun, and get the results you are shooting for with our interactive sports games! Inflatable games inspired by football, basketball, soccer and more can all be adapted into fun and effective recruitment tools for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or National Guard. 


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Our military inflatables aren't all fun and games: Since the beginning of World War II, the U.S. Military has been engaged in producing inflatable decoys to simulate various pieces of equipment from realistic life- size tanks to full scale B-26 aircraft. Today, Inflatable 200 produces full-scale replicas of any type of military machinery that is designed to enhance the military and confuse the enemy.


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30’-40’-50’ Inflatable Spider dome tents get their name from the many legs. These tents have a round footprint, the massive vinyl cover can be made in your colors and there is no limit on creativity through graphics. You can use these Inflatable tents at your event for meetings, sampling, picnics, recruiting or simply as shade. We will work with you to create an awesome tent.


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Inflatable Arches command attention and draw people to your location without extra effort on your part. Designs can range from our simple tube Arches all the way to complex 3D shapes and sizes. At Inflatable 2000 we specialize in using durable inflatable advertising products to attain brand awareness, make bold statements and invite curious onlookers to stop in and see what all the fuss is about.


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From games and interactive inflatables to inflatable sculptures, replicas, inflatable costumes, fly guys, and more, if you can imagine it, we can create it. No matter what your promotional needs or recruitment strategies are, let us create a custom promotional inflatable for you.



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