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Startup Business Opportunities

A colorful inflatable bounce house. Starting your own bounce house business is fun and rewarding. Nothing beats being your own boss. And starting an inflatable business is easy. Known by many different names, inflatable party rentals including slides, interactive games, and jumpers (AKA bounce houses, moonbounces, bouncers or moonwalks, etc.) are some of the most popular products in the booming party rental and amusement industry! Inflatable amusements are in high demand for birthday parties, school activities, church functions, carnivals & corporate events. Growing in excess of $3.5 billion a year, the party rental business is ranked among the top 10 most profitable business ventures in the United States and abroad. Your own inflatable amusement rental business is:

  • Not a franchise! It's you're own bounce house rental business!
  • Low cost with immediate income when you receive your inflatables.
  • Fast cash return on your investment.
  • Easy set-up, easy to store & easy to make a lot of money.
  • Completely portable; you take your business with you wherever you go.
  • A low maintenance business.
  • Full-time income for part-time work.
  • A FUN business!

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