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Product Warranty


All Inflatable products guaranteed for (2) year and any inflatables sold to an indoor facility will be guaranteed for (1) year. Any defect in products resulting from negligence, improper usage or unusual wear and tear caused by excessive usage is excluded from Inflatable 2000’s warranty coverage.

The customer’s usage of any inflatable product on a hard surface base (any surface other than grass), without the use of a tarp shall constitute improper usage and any resulting damage or defect shall not be covered by Inflatable 2000 warranty. Colors, artwork and design are subject to change without prior notice and will not be considered defects. Warranty repair work will be provided by Inflatable 2000 at the Azusa plant. Inflatable 2000 disclaims any responsibilities for modifications and repairs from an unauthorized repair plant. All shipping costs to and from our facility for warranted items will be paid by customer.

All new Blowers are warranted directly by the respective manufacturer. For blower trouble-shooting or warranty, please refer to the blower manufacturer manual included in box. All other accessories have a thirty (30) day warranty from date of shipment. No warranty is provided on misters, soaker hoses, zippers, grommets. All used inflatables are sold “as is” with no warranty. Except as provided in the above agreement, Inflatable 2000 makes no other warranties on its products.